Eight of the Strangest Motorcycles We’ve Ever Seen

The RoaDog custom motorcycle

If it can be imagined, it can be built—especially when it comes to motorcycles. History has proven our love affair with strange and bizarre motorcycles. From the two-wheel-drive Rokon to the rotary-powered Suzuki RE5 to the behemoth that is William “Wild Bill” Gelbke’s RoaDog, mankind has proven that we’re ready, willing and able to create some crazy two-wheeled concoctions. 

So in that vein we bring you eight of today’s strangest motorcycles. From a single-wheeled electric scoot to a one that rides on water to a robot-driven racing machine, here are eight machines you have to see to believe.

P.S.: If you’re scratching your head about Wild Bill’s RoaDog, you can see it here.