Helmet mounted cameras for motorcycles let you document your ride

There was a time when catching great footage of your motorcycling adventure required multi-thousand dollar cameras and an entire production crew. Thanks to technology, those days are gone. 

As cameras have advanced, it’s become easier and easier to document your most recent two-wheeled escapade. With today’s gear that shoots in full 1080p HD, these motorcycling cameras deliver outstanding image quality and offer a ton of versatility. 

Check out our top picks in motorcycle cameras. Each is unique in their own right but all deliver top-notch performance; mount them on your helmet, handlebars or any other part of your bike and you’re ready to shoot your own version of “Long Way Round”.

Sena Prism Tube Camera

The Sena Prism Tube Camera delivers stunning video quality combined with class-leading ease-of-use and Sena's legendary functionality. Packing huge capability into a small, lightweight package that weighs only 75 grams, it mounts effortlessly onto your motorcycle helmet and captures the full scope of your fun with a 125-degree field of view. It only takes a single touch of a button to start capturing your motorcycle adventures in stunning full HD quality for both video and audio. Simply slide the switch forward to power it on and let the fun begin! The Prism Tube Action Camera mounts and removes quickly and easily on all types of motorcycle helmets. It comes with two different mounts, which provide a great deal of mounting flexibility for achieving whatever camera angle you want. The Prism Tube Action Camera also provides 360 degrees of rotation to capture an even wider variety of camera angles. Sena’s wind noise reduction ensures that ambient noise doesn’t interfere with the audio captured from the microphone. Integrated voice prompts instruct riders on the use of their device.


GoPro Hero5 Session Camera

GoPro started the whole action/adventure camera craze, and its gear just keeps getting better and better. (Heck, I still use a first-generation GoPro Hero mounted to my windshield, and it still works great.) Take for example its newest Hero5 Session camera. Key functions of the Hero 5 Session can be operated via advanced voice control. It still employs the same one button press press/record feature of the previous generation but now a simple "GoPro, take a photo" is all that's needed when your hands are covering your clutch and throttle. The Session is all about simplicity and ease of use, yet the media capture will astound you. Video is recorded at 4k and images 10MP, all from a device that fits in the palm of your hand, mounts to your helmet or fastens to just about anywhere on your bike.  


Sena 10 C Bluetooth Headset

I’ve been using Sena bike-to-bike communication gear for close to ten years now, and I’m an unabashed fan. Its new 10 C combines Sena’s legendary communications capabilities with a Bluetooth camera that includes 1080p:30fps video modes and single, burst and time lapse versatile photo modes. Via the headset, users can record their voice to their video while also enjoying four-way bike-to-bike intercom communication up to 1600 meters. In addition, the headset features Advanced Noise Control, music sharing, built-in FM radio tuner, easy operation with a versatile jog dial, an external antenna, and a smartphone app for iPhone and Android. With Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the unibody design is water resistant and the firmware is indefinitely upgradeable.

With versatile video modes and multi-functioning photos modes, the Sena 10 C can be operated in multiple ways. Riders may choose between voice prompt menu navigation or the easy-to-use single camera button. Utilizing a one-touch operation, riders can shoot videos or take photos without interrupting their ambient audio. Offering multiple methods, one touch operation and voice commands, the 10C enables you to capture the shot, the clip and real-time voice-overs.


Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera

The VIRB Elite records true HD 1080p video that lets you relive every minute of your adventure in full, high-contrast, undistorted detail. Adjust resolution and filming speed for crisp, dramatic slow motion up to 120fps, and it’s all seen through the WideVü lens and processed through 16 megapixel CMOS sensor for the highest quality video, even before you start editing it. This camera even has a built-in GPS for data stamping and GPS-based “smart” recording profiles which automatically begins recording as you speed up and stops when you do. Engineered for easy operation with a large, instant record slider switch on the side of the camera, the VIRB Elite’s slide-and-click switches makes it easy to know that you are recording, even if you’re wearing gloves. The overall design of the camera is both sleek and rugged which helps you integrate VIRB into your activity without having to work around a blocky camera.