Upgrade to a Bigger Bike

Tips for upgrading to a bigger motorcycle

With their lighter weight, easy handling and forgiving nature, smaller bikes often appeal to new riders. What happens, though, when the new rider becomes an experienced one? It’s time to upgrade! If it’s your time to move up to a bigger bike, keep these five tips in mind while scoot shopping:

Think Big—Don’t make the mistake of buying a bike that’s only slightly larger than the one you own. Odds are, your skills will outgrow in another year. So unless you plan on a yearly bike shopping ritual, look for something your skills can grow into.

Don’t Go Too Big—Just because you’re getting a bigger bike doesn’t mean you need an 1800cc behemoth. While you should buy something your skills can grow into, don’t get something that’s so heavy you’re afraid to ride it.

Buy With a Purpose—This should be obvious, right? Yet so many riders make the mistake of buying what’s cool instead of what works. If you primarily use your machine to ride to and from work, buy one that’s suited for it. Likewise, if you intend to haul around a passenger, get a bike that can handle it.

Be Careful of Old Machines—There are some great used larger-bike bargains out there, especially if you’re willing to buy a machine with more age than beauty. Be forewarned: many brands are notorious for not stocking OEM parts for older models. Unless you’re willing to spend hours at swap meets or on eBay searching for parts, stick to something from this decade.

Think About Service—If you routinely enjoy having grease under your fingernails, or if you enjoy the sense of pride in working on your own machine, then by all means buy what you want. But if you’d rather ride than wrench, pick a model that can easily be worked on, either by you or your local shop.

Keep those points in mind while you search our new and pre-owned motorcycles for the bigger bike that’s perfect for you; then turn to CycleSoup.com to help you find your next new ride!

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