Protect Your Right to Fix It Yourself

Today’s modern motorcycles are very complex machines. Computers and electronics control nearly every function from emissions to ignition to braking. Although these computers provide many benefits to riders through customizable riding modes and improved fuel efficiency, comfort and safety, they also provide increasing opportunities for motorcycle manufacturers to lock out the ability for you or an independent repair shop to work on your bike. That’s where Right to Repair legislation comes into play.

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You should have the right to repair your motorcycle yourself.

Stocking Stuffers for Your Biker Buddy

Give some holiday cheer with a great motorcycle-inspired stocking stuffer. From biker bells to helmet communications systems to trip-saving roadside tools, most of these gifts are available at you local dealership. Find these gift and many more at a dealer.

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Find suggestions for last-minute motorcycling gifts at

Old School Cool

Image of a vintage Triumph X-75 Hurricane

Proper Motorcycle Riding Gear

Too many times we see people riding a motorcycle wearing inappropriate riding gear. Its always tempting to take off in street clothing, with no helmet, jacket, gloves, etc. just so you can feel the cool breeze and enjoy the beautiful day. Trust me when I say that you can certainly enjoy the ride just as much with the right safety gear on.

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Proper Riding Gear