5 Things To Remember When Packing For A Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycle Roadtrip

With such little room for packing on most motorcycles, it can be hard to decide what you should put in your saddlebags or storage for the trip. Here are some item suggestions to help you out.

1. Clothing that layers easily.

Spring and fall are especially tricky for a road trip on a bike. Here in the midwest we could have 80 degrees, 30 degrees, rain, snow and with a little luck, bright sunshine. Pack items that are easy to shed and not bulky. Wrinkle free is a must. Don't forget the sun block

2. Chargers

Most of us have had a trip where we remember our phone, but forget the charger. Not a bad idea to buy an extra charger and leave it in your motorcycle saddlebags all the time.

3. Sunglasses with multiple lense shades.

I used to bring 2 and sometimes three pairs of sunglasses on a road trip. Now there are several brands that make glasses with interchangeable lenses. This is the ticket. Big space saver.

4. Tool Pack

At least the basics. Screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pliers, spark plug socket, small flashlight, knife, oil, extra plugs.

5. Map of the area you are traveling through

Yea, I know we all have GPS now, but I have had several instances where my GPS just will not cooperate, is inaccurate or has no signal. A map is a good backup.

The list could go on and on, but these are 5 items that we think are key to a good trip and a happy motorcycle trip. Now get out there and ride!