Honda’s New Gold Wing—Strong Enough for a Man, but Made for a Woman.

A woman rider with the 2018 Honda Gold Wing

When you picture a Honda Gold Wing, what comes to mind? Comfort has sure been a GL thing. Maybe lots of bells and whistles? How about built for the female rider? Yes, Honda has seen the future, and it has a lot less testosterone in it.

Compared to eighteen years ago, motorcycle registrations in the U.S. have more than doubled. Back then, only 8% of motorcycle owners were women. By 2014, however, female ownership had increased to 14%, and manufacturers are taking notice.

We’re not just talking about small bikes the Ducati Scrambler, the Honda Rebel 300 or the BMW G310R—not by a long shot. We’re talkin’ big bikes with big power, all marketed to that biggest growing sector of riders.

Just take a look at this newest ad from Honda for its venerable Gold Wing if you need proof. There’s nothing small or pink about this commercial, so get ready all you guys—that “guy” who just passed you is probably a woman.