Motorcycle Storage Made Easy

We hear tell of claims of places where you can ride year ‘round and never need fret the thought of wind chill or road salt. We dismiss these as vicious rumors, right up there with Bigfoot and Area 51.

Seriously, though, for a good part of the country winter is a real thing, and while winter storage of our motorcycles is something that’s a necessity of life for those of us in colder climates, it’s not fun. Between draining the float bowls (for us that still run carb bikes), stabilizing the fuel, maintaining the battery charge and simply having space to store the bike while leaving room for your car, it’s a pain in the passenger pillion.

Our friends at Simply Street Bikes have put together a deal to take the pain out of winter bike storage. For $325 they’ll winterize and store your bike in their heated, secure facility. Upgrade to their Platinum package and they’ll throw in a full oil change to boot.

So don’t let the oncoming end of riding season get you down. Let Simply Street Bikes take the sting out of the coming cold. And let ‘em know that CycleSoup sent you!